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  • FIH Global pitch approval
  • Yarn content to provide excellent ball/surface interaction
  • Rubberised elastic layer in variable thickness to maximise cost efficiency
  • Numerous international references
  • Proven under extensive play conditions
  • Ideal for all standards of competition

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POLIGRAS 2000 and XL perform to Olympic standards with the added benefits of:
  • FIH Global Pitch approval
  • New Flex - advanced co-polymer yarn for:

    POLIGRAS-TICK.gif (211 bytes)Improved durability
    POLIGRAS-TICK.gif (211 bytes)Excellent presentation and colour
    POLIGRAS-TICK.gif (211 bytes)Best possible UV stability
    POLIGRAS-TICK.gif (211 bytes)Optimum ball/surface interaction
  • Water retention properties to minimise irrigation requirements
  • Permanent lines tufted in during manufacture, minimising maintenance
  • QUALIBACK polyurethane backing for unsurpassed tuft-lock and longevity of seam adhesion
  • Superior adhesive and upgraded seaming techniques
  • Specific field roll layout design to minimise seams in known high-wear areas
  • Rubberised elastic layer for excellent energy return and player comfort
POLIGRAS-ENVIRONTMENT.jpg (1985 bytes) POLIGRAS is an environmentally friendly product which uses 100% recycled rubber for elastic layers and metal-free yarns for playing surface. Our international environmental policy is well documented and has provided a benchmark for the industry.
POLIGRAS is available in a range of colours, including meadow and stadium green for the field of play, terracotta and royal blue for the field surrounds. Television networks agree that POLIGRAS is the best choice for television, whether day or night games.

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Sports Complex Phase 2, UIAM Gombak Selangor, Malaysia.

Norlela Construction Sdn. Bhd.
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Sydney Olympic Games 2000
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