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For more than 15 years, Conica has developed and supplied specific liquid plastics on a PUR basis for the construction of synthetic surfaces for indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


It has always been the company's maxim to achieve and maintain a competitive edge, which is why we have made sure that the PUR liquid plastics we have developed in close cooperation which our direct and indirect customers are of first-class quality.   Our corporate principles and objectives are straightforward, the quality of our products is high, and we can be relied upon to deliver the goods on time:  all this has earned us the confidence of an ever increasing number of customers from all over the world.  These customers are specialist companies with a particular interest in the construction of synthetic surfaces for sports facilities.  In all the climatic zones of the earth,   the undisputed advantages of PUR all-weather surfaces are appreciated by professional and sportsman alike.


The high quality of the surface systems created with our products is documented by certificates from a wide range of material testing institutes.  Strict product supervision and continuous examination by independent testing institutes ensure that our customers can fully rely on our products.   Conica also produces the successful PUR liquid plastics in the United States.   This allows for an even higher degree of flexibility, enhances the company's market presence, and improves the flow of information.

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Solid PUR system, 13 mm, top surface granulated, water-impermeable, spike-resistant.  Can be laid down in one or several layers.  Suitable for top-class athletic tracks

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Sandwich-type system,  13 mm (10 mm black rubber-granule mat, 3 mm solid PUR system), top surface granulated, water-impermeable, spike-resistant.   Suitable for running tracks and multipurpose sports facilities.

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Spray-coated surface system,  13mm, water-permeable, spike resistant.  Suitable for running tracks, school playgrounds.

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Solid PUR system,  Thickness approc. 5 mm,  water-impermeable, with EPDM granules topping.   Suitable for tennis or other ball-game courts.

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Black rubber-granule mat with coloured protective seal against UV and wear, 13mm, water-permeable, spike-resistant.  Suitable for school playgrounds and ballgame courts.

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Two-layer system,  15 mm (9 mm black rubber-granule mat, 6 mm coloured EPDM granule mat), water permeable, spike-resistant.  Suitable for tennis courts, school playgrounds, running tracks.

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Coloured EPDM granule mat,  13 mm, water-permeable, spike-resistant.  Suitable for running tracks, school playgrounds and ball-game courts.

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Point-of-contact elaastic surface system, either prefabricated or as a rubber-granule mat laid down on site and covered with a 3 mm solid PUR coat.   Top surface sealed with a matt PUR finish.  Corresponds to DIN 18032 and to the Swiss ETG Standard 203   <<Floors for Sports Hall>>.  Suitable for gymnastics rooms, multipurpose sports halls.

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Extremmely hard-wearing solid PUR indoor system with smooth surface, 10 mm.  Spike-resistant system also available.  Suitable for multipurpose sports halls, athletics halls.

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Solid PUR system with non-skid or smooth surface seal,  35 mm, water-impermeable.   Suitable for tennis and ball-game courts.

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 Points-of-contact elastic indoor surface system, consisting of a prefabricated PUR composite foam mat covered with a  3  mm solid PUR coat.   Top surface sealed with a matt PUR finish.  Corresponds to DIN 18032 and to the Swiss ETG Standard 203  <<Floors for Sports Halls>>.  Suitable for multi-purpose sports halls.

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Shock absorbing layer consisting of SBR rubber granules, fibres, pebbles and PUR binder.  Main use is shockpad under artificial.  Thickness  35-40 mm.